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Summer Basket Contest

Special thanks to the following ICOF Employers for their generous contributions: Dylan, Brenda, Chantal. We also received an anonymous donation and a donation from Shannon, LIFE Resource Coordinator. The contributions were amazing! We are so grateful for everyone who donated.

The Winner - Jonathan - was very happy with his prizes.

Thanks so much everyone! Looks like you had a wonderful summer.








Possibility Grant 2021

The Possibility Grant, an endowment fund with the Winnipeg Foundation, is open to ICOF employers in Manitoba to pursue a dream such as starting their own business, purchasing something new, planning a special event or having a fun weekend with friends.  The grant is offered once a year and all ICOF employers are eligible to apply.
The grant recipients for the 2021 Possibility Grant are:

Chris A
Maryann, Evelyn and Clarence F
Patrick M
Brenda R
Check out their stories as they utilize their Possibility Grants!

Patrick's Possibility Grant Story

Thank you for the grant to help me fulfill my dreams of owning a new bed. I had a wonderful sleep with wonderful dreams. I look forward to enjoying my new comfortable bed for a very long time! Thank you again and have a great day. Patrick

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Connections LIVE Events

In November, the LIFE team was brainstorming ways of coming together collectively with others, while remaining physically distanced. Through this conversation, an idea was born to host regular events for ICOF employers, their staff and network members to gather together via our newest favorite technology, Zoom! With excitement, our entire team embarked on planning, inviting and coordinating Connection LIVE events! Read More...

Clarence, Evelyn and Maryann participating in drumming!

Check out this amazing Manitoba Artist!

Connected Socially while Physically Distancing


Dana, a LIFE Resource Coordinator left a small birthday gift and cookies for Maryann's birthday. They came for a drive and picked up her gift from her front steps. They are doing fabulous and spend time baking, cooking, quilting, doing puzzles and staying up late to watch movies.



Clarence is spending a wonderful day at home. Despite physically distancing, he is finding peace and contentment in at home activities.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!







Although we can't be together, it is still important to get some fresh air or  take a ride to see some new scenery. 

We are all in this together - stay safe and healthy!











"There are two ways of spreading light - to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."

Edith Wharton