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Options for Service History

Options for Services (OFS) started as a pilot project in the spring of 2010 serving individuals funded through In The Company Of Friends (ICOF) exclusively. OFS was developed to enhance the menu of options for individuals and their support networks related to the administrative functions of the ICOF model.   The intent was to develop a service that could provide individuals and their support networks the choice of hiring a contractor to complete these functions.

OFS became a mainstream program of Innovative LIFE Options in April of 2013. 

Quotes from the Pilot Project

 "OFS filled a void on our support network".

 "OFS has really helped to make changes in his life that have been incredibly positive."

 “Hiring can get very frustrating…
it is really nice to have help”.

 "No one on the support network would
have had time to do it all."

 "It has helped to resolve conflict and
stress in a time of crisis".

 “For a self-managed program to have the opportunity to bring someone in to fill the gaps… what could be better than that?”