In the Company of Friends ICOF and Innovative Life options

What is an ICOF Support Network?

An ICOF Support Network is a non-paid group of people who you choose to be part of your ICOF process.  They may be family members or friends who intentionally come together to celebrate your gifts and talents, enjoy a reciprocal relationship with you and each other, and when needed, agree to assist you to self-direct and manage day to day living tasks – in the company of your friends!  Those tasks may include helping you hire your staff, pay your bills, keep track of your money, etc.

If you become part of ICOF you will require a Support Network – that is not optional.  ICOF is based on the philosophy that we are all safest in the world when people who care about us surround us.

If you need help, a LIFE Resource Coordinator will help you and your family develop a Support Network.  LIFE will also provide information, training, guidance and other resources to help keep the Support Network strong!  To learn more about Innovative LIFE Options, call 1-866-516-5445 or email

"My son's Support Network provides me with peace of mind that when the time comes where I am unable to be there for him, he will still be surrounded by people that know him well and will ensure a good life for him.  That means the
world to me!"

ICOF Employer's Father