In the Company of Friends ICOF and Innovative Life options

How do I get involved?

  • Contact the regional office of Manitoba Department of Families let them know you are interested.  ICOF is part of the Community Living disABILITY Services.  They will complete a form called ‘a referral form’.  LIFE (Innovative LIFE Options) can help you with this if necessary. 

  • Family Services will then submit that form to LIFE.  LIFE is the organization that helps people learn more about the many steps involved in deciding if ICOF is right for them.

  • Begin to speak to people whom you would like to have join your Support Network.  Let them know your hopes and plans and ask if they would be interested.  Let them know that if you are accepted into ICOF they will receive help from a resource organization called LIFE who will assist everyone on the Network to learn what is needed to be successful in the ICOF model.

  • LIFE will contact you and your family and begin meeting with you.  The referral process is lengthy and anytime along the way you may change your mind.  You will work closely with a LIFE Resource Coordinator as you walk through this process.

For further information,
Please call or email us at.
 Phone: 204-772-3557
 Toll free: 1-866-516-5445
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