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An Author Among Us

A very talented ICOF employer, Ryan Nelson, who along with support from his staff is in the creative process of writing his first novel,
“The Crusades of Captain Rye and His Renegades”. 

Not only is this about creating a story, Ryan is reaching out into the greater community with messages and pirates treasures in a bottle and engaging people to share their treasure finds and connect via social media.  Ryan has fans as far off as Great Britain!           Click here to read more

Nelson’s passions

He’s a man of few words, but that doesn’t stop him from letting you know just what’s on his mind. Ryan Nelson, 24, was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy when he was six months old – a condition that makes him unable to speak or have the use of his limbs.
Though Nelson, who is confined to a wheelchair, isn’t able to speak by himself he has enough vocal noises and commands to chat your ear off.

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A Dream Day

Excitedly and with lots of love, 70 people gathered at Fort Gibraltor this summer to witness the wedding of Sylvia and John. After a year of planning and saving, the day finally arrived that they would say “I do”. With the help of family, friends and an Options for Services contractor, Sylvia and John spent just over a year planning their special day. They tasted cupcakes, made decorations, picked colors, created centerpieces and put their flair into each aspect.

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Artist finds her creativity with exquisite paper making

MillieMilli Flaig-Hooper is a very accomplished paper maker, who operates her own business called “The Paper Fifrildi”(the Old Norse word for Butterfly). As a graduate of Gimli High School, Milli discovered her interest in papermaking during the fall of 2007 when she began experimenting with a papermaking kit.

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LIFE is good In the Company of Friends

MurrayMurray Couling is passionate about a number of things, but no two things light up his excitement more than the Saskatchewan Roughriders football team and Emergency Services activities. This fall, Murray had a chance to be involved in and show his support to both! In Murray’s words, “It was so great.”

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Living my life, enjoying my life, walking my dog!

Congratulations to Trevor Walker who has been with Pollard Bank Note for 25 years!!! Trevor is with ICOF! Bravo Trevor!