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Support Worker Position for ICOF Employers

ICOF Employers are looking for you!  Are you interested in a rewarding career that consists of supporting and empowering people with an intellectual disability?  Are you enthusiastic, responsible and community minded? 

In the Company of Friends (ICOF) is a funding model offered by Manitoba Family Services to Manitobans with intellectual disabilities.  People who choose this option want to self-direct and manage their own lives each day with help from friends and family, instead of receiving residential and/or day services from an agency.

Individuals who receive ICOF Funding are often referred to as ICOF Employers.  Each individual, with the assistance of their support network, hires their own support workers to assist them with a variety of tasks.  This might include support for independent living, assistance with life skills, cooking, cleaning, visiting with friends, participating in employment or volunteer positions to name just a few.  Each ICOF Employer hires based on their own unique needs, so hours and wages will vary. 

At Innovative Life Options, although we do not hire support workers for the ICOF Employers, we can forward your resume to them throughout the province.  Once the resume has been passed on, the ICOF Employer will review the resume and based on their own hiring needs make a decision about interviewing.  As you would work directly for the individual, an ICOF employer or a member from their network would contact you to set up an interview if you are a qualified candidate. 

To submit your resume, please email with the subject line:  Support Worker for an ICOF Employer.  Your resume will then be forwarded through our office to ICOF Employers in the region.

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Current Positions Available:

Employment Opportunity LKM Enterprises

Responsible, enthusiastic and motivated staff required to deliver high-quality services to support an individual with an intellectual disability who will be your employer. The Independent Living Support Worker is responsible for Read More...

Seeking Support Staff

Gentleman in his 40's is looking for a support worker who can work on Wednesdays from 3:30 pm through to Thursday morning at 9am. This shift involves an asleep overnight component

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Caring person who possesses effective communication skills needed for full-time employment.  Shifts available include weekday/weekend evenings and overnights.  A vehicle and valid driver’s license is required.  Also required is a criminal record check, adult abuse check and valid First Aid/CPR certification.


DSP ad

Do you have the ability to establish rapport and then maintain a friendly yet professional relationship with someone, and enjoy the process throughout? Are you creative enough to enjoyably support an independent, outgoing woman with disability to get around to her appointments, shopping, and recreational activities? Can you think on your feet and react constructively to spontaneous challenges while also being a part of an interactive, 24/7 support team? If this is you and you also have a vehicle, a valid driver’s licence, a willingness to work at least one awake overnight shift per week, and experience with disability reply with a detailed resume asap! We need you!

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