In the Company of Friends ICOF and Innovative Life options

What is In the Company of Friends (ICOF)!

In The Company of Friends (ICOF) is a funding model offered by Manitoba Department of Families to Manitobans with intellectual disabilities.  People who choose this option want to self-direct and manage their own lives each day with help from friends and family, instead of receiving residential and/or day services from an agency.   

The ICOF philosophy is based upon a foundation of relationships.  We all require people in our lives to be friends, companions, and sometimes helpers and advisors.  ICOF works to empower each person to make his/her own decisions or minimally to participate in the decision making process

Here are some things that are unique about this model and may be new for you if you choose this option:

  • You will need to work closely with a Support Network.  It is a requirement for approval.  Support Networks are people that you choose and might include your family, friends and other people you know and trust. Support Networks are responsible to help you make choices and decisions and plan to live your life the way YOU want to.  You will receive help developing your Support Network from an organization called LIFE, if you need it.

  • You will receive money directly from the province of Manitoba and with the help of your Support Network, you will hire and supervise your own staff, decide how to spend your own money and choose which activities you will be involved in each day.

  • When you receive funding through ICOF you are a citizen directing your life, with support from your Network, rather than a client of a service agency.