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How does OFS work ?

The process for contracting with Options for Services is outlined below:

  1. If you are interested in contracting with OFS or would like more information, please call or email the OFS Coordinator (as shown on the contact page).

  2. The Coordinator will meet with you to discuss the tasks, terms, and time frame of the agreement.  The Coordinator will then draft an agreement for you to review and provide the final approval.

  3. The Coordinator will find a suitable contractor to complete the agreement based on skills and availability. A first meeting with the contractor will be set up by the Coordinator.

  4. After the first meeting, the contractor will become your main contact. The Coordinator is still available if a revision to the agreement is needed or if there is an issue with the contractor.

  5. The Coordinator will connect throughout the agreement to ensure OFS is meeting your expectations.

  6. You will be responsible to review and provide approval for the contractor’s timesheet on a monthly basis. OFS pays the contractor directly and then the individual is billed for services rendered.

  7. Once the agreement has been completed, the Coordinator will be in touch to gather feedback regarding your satisfaction.

Example of what an Agreement might look like however each contract is unique:

Click to see sample