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Each ICOF employer received a guidebook through their LIFE Resource Coordinator when it was originally written.  A second edition (2014) with updates and additional information is now available. 

Please contact your LIFE Resource Coordinator to request the 2014 version.

Throughout the guidebook, you will find many links that will connect you to important forms and information.  Here are many of these links and the information you can find on their websites.

Canada Revenue

  • Business Number Information
  • Business Consent Forms
  • Disability Tax Credit
  • Filing income tax information
  • Payroll Deduction Information
  • TD1 Forms
    • Federal
    • Provincial
  • T4 Forms and Summaries

Government of

  • Guaranteed Income Supplement
  • Old Age Security Pension
  • Record of Employment

Government of Canada:

  • Registered Disability Savings Plan

Workers Compensation Board:

  • All information pertaining to WCB

City of Winnipeg:

  • Criminal Reference Check Applications

Manitoba Human Rights:

  • Human Rights Code

Province of Manitoba:

  • Adult Abuse Registry
  • Child Abuse Registry
  • Employee Survey Form
  • Employment Standards
  • Residential Tenancies Branch
  • Pharmacare
  • Primary Care Provider Tax Credit
  • Vendor Request for Direct Deposit Form
  • Workplace Variance