Community Navigator

We believe that certain things shouldn’t be “one size fits all.” In fact, we believe the uniqueness of each person is something to be celebrated.

We know that for some people finding suitability is challenging, and because of this they experience gaps in service. We don’t want anybody to feel like they are falling through the cracks – this is why Innovative LIFE Options created the Community Navigator position.

The Community Navigator is a representative who builds capacity for individuals, families, and communities through connecting, networking, and developing creative solutions. Here at LIFE, we assist you to navigate through what can seem like an overwhelming abundance of resources and services, and, if what you need does not exist – then the Community Navigator will help you to find a way. Together, the possibilities are endless!

What We Do



We work with individuals and families to understand and better navigate the systems they utilize.

Information and Resource Sharing

We provide information on existing services, civic organizations and social interest groups.

Peer Support and Guidance

We bring families together to share experiences and learn from each other.


Building a Support Network

We work with you to establish trusting relationships and support you to invite these relationships on to a committed support network.

Building Community

We work with individuals and families to develop connections within their communities and identify opportunities.


We work with communities to find out what’s available and what’s possible. If it doesn’t exist… we’ll work at building it.


Planning and Capacity Development

We bring interested parties together to think about the future. We assist in developing a vision, determining what is needed to achieve that vision, and resourcing individual members as well as the group to develop capacity and confidence.

For more information, please contact:

Carleigh McKay,
Community Navigator
P: 204-772-3557